Solid solutions for quality engineering

POJI is a consulting firm that helps your company to validate and optimize existing products or new designs. With a fully mobile office loaded with Ansys and Solidworks, we perform FE-analysis to ensure that the design fulfills your needs.

The mobility makes POJI an accessible and uncomplicated asset to your company. Previous experience from constructural engineering will provide your company with more than just consulting support.

We are adding solutions to your design. For durable and quality engineering.

Fatigue Calculation

Strength validation

Erase uncertanties regarding strenghts and durabilities with an inspection of the design. Read more »

Design tools

Do you have the need for calculation sheets to ease the daily work of your designers? Read more »

Failure investigation

Problems with designs can rapidly be solved by a efficient scan. Read more »

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Solid solutions for quality engineering

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Strength validation
Fatigue evaluation
Failure investigation


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