Failure investigation

Problems with designs can rapidly be solved by a efficient scan. By combinding calculation and design processing skills in the investigation, the most optimal and easily applicable change is suggested to you.

Design tools / Calculation sheets

Based on your product series and parameters, excel sheets can be made to clarify the calculation process and ease the daily work for your designers.

Strength validation

Erase uncertanties regarding strenghts and durabilities with an inspection of the design. Validations for existing or new designs can be performed prior to CE marketing to ensure that your product will endure, for your purposes and needs.

Fatigue calculation

Often it is the fatigue strength that sets limits on loading capacity and service life of your product. POJI have years of experience in fatigue evaluation of casted, forged, welded and bolted designs in a variety of applications.

Optimization support

Support with focus on cost , strength, weight or durability will be provided in the optimization process of your design. From concept to completion of parameterized manufacturing drawings.

Piping calculation

POJI can perform design check of pipes in accordance with EN 13480 for internal and external pressure and temperature expansion.

Pressure vessels

POJI has experience of pressure vessels and tank calculation in accordance with EN 13445, ASME VIII and EN-14015.

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Strength validation
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Failure investigation


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