Sibs new volumetric construction factory inaugurated

The Tesla of volumetric construction

We need more apartment buildings to support a growing population in urban areas, and volumetric module construction is the best method for effective and affordable building.

The average volumetric construction factory today isn’t as industrial as it could be. The potential for cutting production times and costs are still huge.

That’s why the pioneering new SIBS factory in Malaysia is such an important landmark for the global construction industry. 

Every process is automated and truly industrial – from the office, all the way to the factory floor. Volumetric modules flow through the plant like water, and everything from design and project planning to production, logistics and construction is optimized.

Thank you SIBS for inviting us to the inauguration of this exciting plant. We are curious to see how this will affect construction development in coming years. You are truly the Tesla of the construction industry.

inauguration of sibs new volumetric construction factory